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It was the deal of a lifetime. A deal that Jordan, a young man just out of college and in need of a place to live couldn't resist.

He'd found a house – used but in good condition – for the sort of price one would expect of a house half its size.  It had four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a finished basement and even a hot tub.

The house needed some work. Nothing obvious however, explained the deal. Jordan was concerned but the seller assured him that nothing was wrong. The seller even had several people go through the house to make sure everything was fine.

In the end, there was too much going for the house to refuse. It was close to the house in which he grew up – he could walk there in under an hour – as well almost within walking distance of his new job and other conveniences.

There was one catch; Jordan's younger brother Vick came as part of the deal.

Jordan and Vick got along well enough. The house was more then big enough for the two of them. Vick didn't always get along with their parents. With his being twenty years old, he felt he was ready to move out.

Moving day came.

Jordan and Vick stood outside waiting for the movers to arrive with their stuff.

"Where are we going to put all of our stuff?" Vick asked.

"I'm sure we'll find enough room," Jordan said.

"Do you think Mom and Dad are jealous?"

"Why would they be jealous?" Jordan asked.

"Well, this house does have one more bedroom then ours," Vick said. "Why was it so cheap anyway?"

"I dunno man, they checked it out and everything was fine," Jordan said.

"Something's got to be wrong though," Vick said. "Come on; let's go see how they screwed you."

Jordan rolled his eyes as Vick ran to the front door.

"They didn't screw me over," Jordan said. "At least, I hope they didn't. You go check everything out. I'm going to wait for the movers."

Vick shrugged his shoulders. "Suit yourself."

When Vick was inside the house, Jordan could have sworn he detected the scent of skunk in the air. He looked to the side of the house where he saw what he could only describe as a ripple of air similar to what one might see over pavement on a hot day.

It also reminded him or the gas-filled rooms in Fallout 3 (or was it Half-Life 2?)

The ripple vanished soon after, taking the scent with it.

"That was odd," Jordan said.

He wanted to investigate but the arrival of the movers interrupted him. Jordan made a mental note to investigate once they'd finished moving in.

* * *

Getting all the furniture, appliances and everything else moved in had taken some time. It was already evening.

Jordan gave the movers a generous tip before they were on their way.

He and Vick were sitting in the living room, trying to figure out what do to for supper. Vick was futzing with the TV in an attempt to get the Xbox working.

Jordan was looking around, wondering just how he should feel about all of this. On one hand, it didn't quite yet feel real. He half-expected to wake up in his bed at home. Failing that, he figured this wouldn't work out and that they'd be back home by the end of the month.

"We're going to have to do some grocery shopping tomorrow," Jordan said. "And we can't buy a bunch of candy and that sort of stuff. We have to buy real food."

Vick looked back at him from his position on his hands and knees.

"Come on man, I'm not a little kid," Vick said. "And stop being such a girl!"

Jordan shook his head. "I'm not being a girl. We need to prove to Mom and Dad that we can handle having our own place. Getting sick of fat from eating junk isn't going to accomplish that."

Vick fiddled with the TV a bit more.

"You don't think they'd make us move back home? Do you?" Vick asked.

"It does feel kinda weird doesn't it?" Jordan asked. "This really being our new home I mean."

Jordan knew that Vick being two years younger meant this was a slightly different experience for Vick. Jordan knew that two years ago, he wouldn't have been ready for this.

"Yes, it does feel funny. But, we're going to have to get used to this. If we want this to work out, we need to start being more responsible," Jordan said. "It's not like we have someone else here that can take care of things we're too lazy to take care of."

Vick smirked. "And nag about it?"

"Hey, come on, you'd nag too if you were in Mom or Dad's position."

Jordan looked at some of the boxes they had yet to unpack.

"Being more responsible means we need to worry about getting everything else unpacked before we worry about video games," Jordan said.

"Well, until the Internet is working, it's not like there's much else we can do," Vick said.

Jordan folded his arms. "We could unpack some of the smaller boxes."

"I guess so."

"Come on, we can order a Pizza. I have coupons that'll let us get a couple of large and even some breadsticks," Jordan said.

"Pizza eh; you got yourself a deal," Vick said. "I'll take beef, onions and bacon on mine."

Jordan shrugged his shoulders. "No problem."

He planned to get Pepperoni, bacon and onions himself. However, after getting up and walking into the Kitchen, he detected the same skunk like smell through an open window. A short dizzy spell had him knowing what the problem with getting the Xbox working was. It was something so obvious that he couldn't believe he hadn't of seen it before. The knowledge didn't seem to come out of nowhere so much as he seemed able to remember something that he couldn't before.

Then the scent faded as well as the knowledge.

"Okay, that was weird. Either I'm going crazy or that retailer forgot to mention something," Jordan said.

He shrugged his shoulders and picked up the phone to dial.

* * *

A short while passed before their doorbell rang. It was too early for the pizza to be there, so Jordan wondered who might be at the door.

When Jordan opened the door, he saw a young man that looked about sixteen with a small child.

"Oh hi…"

The young man scratched his head as an awkward look appeared on his face.

"We're you expecting someone else?" Jordan asked.

"Okay, this sounds weird, but for some reason I thought that there was this real cute girl that moved in here with her little brother," the guy said.

"Yeah, he was my age," the kid said.

The mistake was odd to put it mildly.  However, it presented at opportunity to meet two of his new neighbors.

Jordan looked the young man up and down. The way his brown hair was a bit wavy and went almost down to his shoulders coupled with his green eyes was adorable.

Jordan blinked; what was he thinking? The feeling faded as soon as it had started.

"I'm not sure what to say," Jordan said.

"Yeah, me neither. Now that I think about I'm not sure why I thought that," the young man said. He shrugged his shoulders. "I must have dreamt it or something."

The kid grinned.

"We had the same dream? That is so cool!"

"Um yeah, I guess it is. By the way, my name is Peter and this is my brother Alex. We live in the house a couple of doors down," he said.

Jordan held out his hand. "I'm Jordan. My brother and I just moved in. We have some pizza on the way, if you'd like to…"

Peter held out a hand. "Thanks but no thanks; our parents would be pissed if we broke our dinner plans."

"Oh come on. It's pizza," Alex said.

"Maybe later," Peter said. "Anyway, we should be going."

Peter and Alex walked away, leaving Jordan wondering why they'd thought someone else moved in and why Jordan himself was having those odd feelings. He'd never before felt attracted to a male. Such concerns were the last thing Jordan wanted to deal with now.

After closing the door, he walked back to the living room. Vick had managed to get the Xbox working and was working on the various settings for a game.

The skunk like smell returned and Jordan swore that he heard something, laughter perhaps. It was a happy and innocent sort of laugh. Jordan felt a warmth on his chest as well as around his privates as odd thoughts and images entered his mind.

He remembered what type of shampoo he preferred. A certain blueberry scented one that made his fur feel the softest and made him smell wonderful.

Then he remembered his favorite material for clothing. There were fabrics that were cool enough to wear over fur, comfortable and looked good.

The final thought was far more adult in nature. He somehow knew what his preferred method for dealing with a heat cycle would be. It was something he definitely wouldn't discuss with Vick. Jordan saw it as part of nature and felt it was all right to enjoy it as long as he was responsible.

Jordan blinked. Just what was he thinking?

While the thoughts made little sense, they didn't feel as though they were someone else's as much as what he might think if he'd be born as a civilized female animal.

The thoughts faded with the warmth and scent, leaving Jordan confused and worried.

"How come it just smelled like skunk in here?" Vick asked.

"I have no idea," Jordan said.

Vick's clothes seemed loose, as though Vick had lost some height. Jordan knew how silly that sounded yet the evidence was right there before him.

Jordan also wondered why his chest felt odd. He was somehow more aware of the fabric of his shirt against his nipples as though they were more sensitive.

"So, um how did you get it working?" Jordan asked.

Vick shrugged his shoulders. "It was a couple of wires in the wrong spot. Now I feel stupid for not knowing."

"Meh, I didn't know either. Or did I?" Jordan asked.

He remembered his earlier inspiration that faded. In fact, it seemed to coincide with smelling that skunk like scent. Something was going on.

The doorbell ringing interrupted Jordan's train of thought.

The smell returned for a few seconds only for the scent of the pizza to replace it. Jordan wondered how he was unable to smell the pizza before now that it was clear as day. He retrieved his wallet and walked to the front door. The deliveryman had a nice smile, one nice enough to persuade Jordan enough to give the man an extra tip.

It was only when Jordan had reached the kitchen that he realized he'd had another wave of those same feelings. He didn't understand why he was feeling that way about a male. He'd been straight his entire life.

Vick already had several slices as well as a can of pop. He'd already left the kitchen before Jordan had opened his box. A glance back at Vick revealed that his hair seemed to be longer – was it always down to his shoulders – and that his clothes were even bigger on him.

Jordan scratched his own hair with his free hand. He almost dropped the pizza slice he was holding when he found that Vick wasn't the only one whose hair was growing. Jordan's hair – normally buzzed – was halfway down his neck! A few strands fell over his eyes as he contemplated the situation.

The smell returned.

This time however, Jordan had an urge to eat a few slices of the pizza. He did so, first putting them on a plate before sitting down at the kitchen table.

As Jordan ate, the smell seemed more familiar and perhaps even a little pleasant. His chest felt warm, as did his crotch. The warmth in his chest led to a tightness and a sensation as though something were pressing against the fabric of his shirt.

Jordan looked down to see not just an empty plate but that something was pressing his shirt out from the inside. The gasp had barley left his mouth before he was rushing to the bathroom. His longer hair blowing as he ran only added to his worry.

When Jordan got there, Vick was standing by the mirror over the sink.

"How come I'm smaller and why is my hair longer?" Vick asked.

When Vick turned toward Jordan, Vick's eyes went wide. Jordan wanted to comment that Vick looked several years younger, but other concerns took his attention.

"And I thought my shrinking was bad. Nice boobs," Vick said.

Jordan looked in the mirror to see that, indeed, it looked as though he did have breasts, small ones but still breasts. He wanted to lift his shirt to look at them but Vick being there made such an option more then a little undesirable.

Matters grew worse when the skunk smell increased in intensity. For a moment, Jordan swore he saw what one might describe as a naked half skunk, half-human creature standing in the bathtub.

The warmth on Jordan's chest increased.

"Don't mean to scare you bro but it looks like they're getting bigger. You're really turning into a girl! That is so awesome," Vick said.

Vick's voice cracked and started sounded higher pitched as he finished that sentence.

"It's not funny," Jordan said.

He looked back at the bathtub to see that the creature was gone. Truth be told, Jordan wanted to raise his shirt to see what the new additions to his chest looked like. Vick's presence however, made things difficult.

"Come on man, we're still bros. Every man wants them. Now that you're getting them, you should spread the fun," Vick said. "Aren't you curious?"

Jordan rolled his eyes. "So, you're a spokesperson for every man in the world now?"

He sighed and looked in the mirror.

"Look away all right?" Jordan asked.

Vick stuck out his tongue and turned his head.

Jordan needed a few seconds to gather the courage to lift up his shirt. What he saw terrified and fascinated him.

A pair of breasts had taken up residence on Jordan's chest. They, including the skin on them looked female. What terrified Jordan was how the breasts looked as though they belonged there. It also didn't help that his hair now reached his shoulders.

"Oh my God," Jordan said.

He released his shirt before looking at Vick.

"This is crazy, it's just insane," Jordan said. "We have to get help."

"Why we, you're the one that just grew boobs," Vick said.

"Last time I checked, you've shrunk. Looks like something's happening to both of us," Jordan said.

Vick tugged at his shirt.

"Yeah, I guess so," Vick said. "But who do we call? I doubt there's an emergency number for your situation."

Jordan touched his chest, unsure of how to react to the new additions to his body. He also realized that it was unlikely this was going to end with just them and his hair growing.

"I need to think about this for a few minutes," Jordan said.

Vick chuckled. "Maybe you should examine them to make sure they're real?"

Jordan frowned at Vick. A sudden shrink spurt that had Vick's pants falling down to his ankles interrupted any rebuttal. Things didn't stop there however. Something from behind pulled his shirt up at the back. Jordan could only watch as a black and white tail with a pair of stripes grew out from Vick, growing until it was almost up to his head.

"Holy shit," Vick said.

Vick's voice sounded far higher pitched, making his expletive hard to take seriously. He ran to the sink to look at his reflection in the mirror. Unfortunately, his reduced stature forced him to stand on his tiptoes.

"What's going on? I'm a kid! This isn't fair! You get breasts and I have to be a kid with a tail? What if I have to go back to school," Vick asked. "Damn it, I don't wana go back to school!"

"Relax, just relax. I'm sure we'll figure this out," Jordan said.

Jordan walked out of the bathroom and back to the kitchen. The smell returned by the time he was in the kitchen. It was then that he saw that same skunk person sitting at the kitchen table. He was still naked and he looked right at Jordan, smiled and gave him a thumb up with paws that looked just like human hands sans for short claws in place of fingernails.

"You're almost ready 'sis," it said.

Jordan walked over to the creature. "I am not your sister. I'm not a girl! Who are you? What is going on? Did you do this?"

The creature shrugged its shoulders. "It's possible. Don't worry 'sis, once you're done, you'll look great."

A sound from the living room distracted Jordan. When he turned his head back toward the table, the skunk person was gone.

"Great, just great," Jordan said.

Jordan walked into the living room to see Vick scratching his arms.

"Now what's happening?" Jordan asked.

Vick started scratching his chest.

"Damn it, to hell with this," Vick said.

"Man bro, watch the language," Jordan said.

Jordan watched as Vick threw his shirt onto the couch, leaving him naked sans for his socks.

"Come on man, there are certain views I don't want," Jordan said.

"This isn't funny," Vick said.

Indeed, what was happening was anything but funny. White fur was overtaking Vick's chest as black fur grew on his back (with the exception of a stripe that went down his back), sides and legs. Jordan noticed that white fur also seemed to be growing on Vick's inner thighs and arms halfway up his forearms.

"I'm turning into a freak," Vick said. "Come on man, do something!"

However, the sensation of something pushing at the back of Jordan's pants stayed his words. He looked back as best as he could just in time to witness the growth and development of his own tail. It grew until it stood high and proud at almost as tall as Jordan's head.

"Holy shit, I have a tail! I have a fucking tail," Jordan yelled. "It's not enough that a couple of breasts just decided to grow on my chest! Now I have a freaking tail!"

"Welcome to my world!" Vick said.

Jordan's waist felt as though something were pushing it while his hips felt as though something were pulling them! Jordan himself shrunk a bit as his skin took on a softer tone.

"On come on," Jordan said.

Warmth formed around Jordan's crotch. Feelings that ranged from outright bizarre to pleasurable formed around Jordan's privates. Seconds later, the strange feelings from Jordan's crotch told him what he didn't want to think about or accept.

"No, no, this can't be happening! This is a dream or hallucination," Jordan said. "That's right, I'm imagining this."

The smell returned as the skunk person walked into the room and sat on the couch.

"Calm down and try to enjoy it. Trust me, you're going to love it," it said.

"Being a freak and kid again?" Vick asked.

"Being a girl?" Jordan asked.

"Being part animal?" they both said in unison.

The skunk person smiled and shook his head.

"You're not freaks, trust me, let yourself go and enjoy it," he said.

Jordan's pants fell down, revealing that black fur had covered his legs everywhere but his inner thighs. His legs also looked shapelier. Even through the fur, they had an unmistakable feminine look to them. His slightly too long shirt hid the part that Jordan didn't want to see. Somehow, not seeing it would in his mind, keep him officially male.

"But why did you make me a girl?" Jordan asked.

The skunk jumped off the couch and walked up beside Jordan. "On some level you want this, otherwise it wouldn't be able do this to you. I know it's scary but it feels great, doesn't it?"

Jordan swallowed hard. He wanted to deny that it felt nice but such a denial would be a lie. The fur was warm and the breasts felt nice.  He missed his manhood. However, he knew having the alterative between his legs would be something to which he could adjust.

As for being female and the changes it could force upon his lifestyle and if nothing else, his perception of what he could and could not do, Jordan was never overly masculine as it was. Becoming female however, seemed to be taking his lack of masculinity too far.

"Okay, it doesn't feel all that bad but really now, turning me into a girl and making me like guys in that way. Don't you think that's a bit much?" Jordan asked.

"You like guys now?" Vick asked.

"Not now Vick, okay?"

Despite Jordan's words, he had to admit that the prospect of finding males attractive wasn't that bad.

"Would you rather only liking girls?" the skunk asked. "Don't worry, you still like them a bit and you'll find that guys aren't so bad once you find the right one."

Jordan never thought he'd be facing the prospect of getting into a relationship as the girl. However, he knew there were worse things. The thought gave him pause to ponder the fairness of gender expectations.

"Who are you anyway?" Jordan asked.

"You've smelled me for a while now," the skunk said.

Jordan's chest began feeling warm and itchy.

"You'd best rid yourself of that shirt. Even if you don't want be natural after, you don't want miss the show," the skunk said.

Jordan looked at Vick, who shrugged his shoulders. "Come on, you're seeing me naked. It seems only fair."

With a heavy sigh and nod, Jordan removed his shirt.

"I can't believe this, I'm going to be a girl," Jordan said.

Jordan watched as a line of fur drove up his torso, covering his chest and breasts in pearly white fur and the rest of his torso in black fur. The fur marched down his arms where it turned white halfway down his forearms, leaving his hands furred expect for the pads. It was not a painful sensation and if anything, felt warm and comfortable.

Vick's face began to change as Jordan's did, leaving both with short muzzles, rounded ears and furred faces, with white fur on their jaws and black elsewhere.

When the process was finished changing them, Jordan had become a skunk girl that he knew to be physically about sixteen and Vick was a skunk boy of about eight.

Jordan looked at his hands, his chest and between his legs.

"Um, bro, are you still um, in there?" Vick asked.

"Of course I'm still here," Jordan said. "Just because I've grown breasts, sprouted fur and a tail don't mean I'm a different person now."

His altered voice shocked him at first but he realized that it sounded nice.

"You got something else," Vick said before sticking out his tongue.

"Oh real mature Vick," Jordan said.

Jordan covered his crotch region with one hand and his breasts with his free arm.

"I'm just messing with ya," Vick said. "Okay, this is real messed up, but come on; you can see a naked chick any time you want now!"

Jordan shrugged his shoulders. "Well, um, yeah, I guess that is true. Even with the fur and tail, a female is still a female. Though that female being me is so messed up that it isn't funny."

"Don't worry, you're still you, it's what inside that matters, not what's outside," the skunk said. "You probably want to know why I changed you. Well, come on, it's not so bad isn't it? Besides, on some level it does fit you, doesn't it?"

"Well, the fur and tail are things I can get used to. Not sure about the rest of it," Jordan said.

"Although, it's funny, before I suddenly knew how to fix the Xbox problem we were having but then I forgot," Jordan said. "Now I remember again, in fact I seem to be understanding things I wanted to understand before but just couldn't quite get."

The skunk smiled. "Think of it as something to help balance out how much of a change it is for you."

"It would have been nice if you'd at least asked."

"I know but you might have said no," the skunk said.

"Well duh," Jordan said.

"Trust me, it's worth it," the skunk said.

"If I'm a kid again and you're a kid, does that mean we can play," Vick asked. "Not that it means I'm gonna do kid stuff all of the time. I'm still technically twenty no, twenty and a half!"

The skunk flashed Vick the victory symbol. He was about to run off before Jordan gently grabbed his shoulders to restrain him.

"You wait just a sec mister," Jordan said. "I want some explanations."

"Oh okay," the skunk said.

"I want to know who you are, where you came from and why you gave me these," Jordan said, pointing to his breasts. "And why do I all of the sudden understand technical stuff that was confusing before when I tried to learn it?"

The skunk grinned and folded its arms as Jordan released him.

"Well, I could make them bigger if you'd like," he said. His tone was mischievous rather then mocking.

Jordan rolled his yes. "They're a nice decent size thank you."

"Well, then what is it? You maybe wanted purple fur instead?" the skunk asked.

"Black and white is just fine thank you," Jordan said. "What I want to know is why do I seem to be younger and why is Vick a kid again? Why a girl skunk?"

"I made you have the body of a sixteen year old to give you time to get used to being a girl," the skunk said.

"Before what, I have to get married?" Jordan asked.

"I can just see you in a bridal gown now," Vick said.

"It's your life and your choice," the skunk said. "Let's just say that I upset someone I shouldn't have upset some time ago. I was a normal skunk as you might call it. Let's just say that I ended up bound to this house."

"That's terrible," Jordan said. "Why would anyone do something like that to someone?"

"I wasn't in pain or anything, just bored mostly," the skunk said. "But you guys freed me when you bought this house! But it did have a bit of a cost. I'm sorry I should have asked, but…"

"I guess if freeing you involves having to grow some fur, a tail and stuff, I can live with that," Jordan said. "Seriously though, why make me female?"

"A part of you must have wanted it, even if you don't realize it," the skunk said.

"I guess I can learn to live with it as long as I'm still allowed to play video games and stuff. However, this is still going to take some serious getting used to. Wait, I don't have to start wearing dresses now, do I?"

The skunk chuckled. "Not unless you want to 'sis. In fact, I like you just fine as you are."

"So, we can run around naked as much as we want?" Vick asked. "And why do I feel like playing with toys? It's like I just remembered something I forgot a long time ago."

Jordan folded his arms as rolled his eyes. "Last time I checked, the Xbox is just another toy. And as much fun as it might be to run around naked, I…"

A mirror on the wall that Jordan wasn't convinced was always there gave Jordan a full view of his new body.


"Are you still unsure about it?" The skunk asked.

"I er – I'll be right back," Jordan said.

Jordan ran out of the room toward his bedroom.

"Where's he going?" Vick asked.

The skunk put an arm around Vick. "Perhaps he's going to try on some clothes?

Vick chuckled. "Yeah, I guess so. So um, can we play now?"

They both leapt onto the couch.

"So, what achievements do you have?" the skunk asked.

* * *

While two young male skunks played, one young female skunk played.

Jordan experienced sensations over the next two hours that nature never intended him to experience. He felt comfortable enough thinking of his new body as his that curiosity coupled with the excitement and novelty of having the parts many males sought as part of his body had led to Jordan exploration to a completely new level.

As evening made way for night, Jordan was exhausted and sweaty.

Embarrassment danced around in Jordan's mind as he sat up and walked out of his room. He calmed himself with the assurance that this was his body and not some innocent girls'. Jordan technically wasn't doing anything wrong.

It wasn't until he looked outside that he realized it was dark.

"I guess time really does fly when you're having fun. I hope Vick and that skunk didn't hear me," Jordan said.

The past hours had other benefits for Jordan. He was starting to understand things that before confused him. Things he wanted to understand but couldn't quite connect were starting to make sense.

It seemed that indeed, he'd received an intelligence boost along with the species and gender change.

Perhaps, indeed, this wouldn't be so bad.

He walked into the bathroom and looked at his reflection in the mirror. The skunk woman looking back at him – perhaps girl – was still as beautiful as ever. Jordan didn't feel as though he was looking at a stranger, that skunk was he and it was all right to see his own body naked as well as to enjoy the pleasure it could give him.

It was still going to take time to get used to thinking of himself as a skunk and especially a female. Jordan knew that change could be scary. He also however knew that at times, it was worth it.

"I'd better check on Vick," Jordan said.

Jordan hoped Vick was okay. His change of age and the affect it had on his behavior – despite his protests to the contrary – left Jordan concerned that Vick was getting into trouble.

Jordan worried that his indulgence was being selfish.

He walked downstairs where he heard sounds coming from the backyard. The sight of Vick and the skunk playing in the yard greeted Jordan when he reached the backdoor. He opened it and walked into the cooling night air.

It wasn't until Jordan was standing over Vick and the skunk that Jordan realized he was still naked. A breeze that ruffled his fur alerted him.

"Hey bro, what'cha been doing all this time?" Vick asked. "And how come you're still naked?"

"I've been…"

Jordan felt the blood rushing to his cheeks. That was not something he wanted to admit to anyone, especially his brother.

"I was thinking and reading, that's all," Jordan said. "Now, come on, we should get inside to take a shower."

Vick sat up with his legs out and his arms supporting his back.

"You're joking right?" Vick asked.

"Hey, just because you're become a skunk doesn't mean you get to smell like one," Jordan said.

"Aww, come on, don't act like such a girl," Vick said.

Jordan folded his arms and glared at Vick. "I am not acting like a gi…"

He realized that maybe he was acting like one – just a little bit though.

"Don't let it bother you," the skunk said. "It's only natural that such a change will make you act the part at least somewhat.

"Well, I'm not acting like a kid," Vick said.

Jordan grinned. "Playing naked in the dirt and refusing to take a shower. Are you sure about that?"

He stuck out his tongue and chuckled.

Vick's eyes went wide. "Okay, maybe I'm acting different too, but it's kinda hard not to."

"Now you know how I feel," Jordan said. "Now, come on Stinky, it's time to take a shower."

"Oh okay, but just remember that I'm still me," Vick said. "I might look like a kid and maybe even act like one a bit, but I'm still me."

"I never doubted it for a second," Jordan said. He looked at the skunk. "Looks like you could use some cleaning as well."

"Thanks but I need to take care of something," the skunk said.

"What do you need to take care of?" Jordan asked.

"You'll see," the skunk said. "Don't worry though; you're both going to love it."

The skunk got up and walked toward the gate leading out of the yard, leaving Jordan and Vick alone. Jordan had a feeling the skunk was up to no good and wondered just how many skunk people would be walking the streets once the skunk was finished.

Vick got up and chuckled.

"What's so funny?" Jordan asked.

"I may be a kid again but I still know a cute girl when I see one," Vick said.

Jordan folded his arms. "Just remember that the cute girl is me."

"I know," Vick said. "Just saying you should have fun with it. Think of the stuff only girls get to do. Now you can do that stuff."

"If you want to get away with being in a girl's change room, I suggest you ask the skunk to turn you into a girl as well," Jordan said.

"Oh come on, aren't you at least a little curious?" Vick asked. "Come on, what's the point in becoming a girl if you can't enjoy some of the things lots of guys wish they could get away with?"

Jordan folded his arms. "Yes Vick, I am curious. Of course, I'm curious. But being female I – let's just say that I'm starting to feel things that I can only guess natural born girls feel. I know they wouldn't appreciate me, only hours into being a girl getting to see things that I couldn't up until now. How would you feel if a girl turned into a guy and right away start getting into boy's clubs and stuff?"

Vick folded his arms and tapped his right foot.

"Okay, Okay, I get it. You don't want to exploit this. And yes, I still know what that means. Just because I'm a kid again doesn't mean I'm dumb," Vick said.

"I never thought otherwise," Jordan said. "Now come on stinky, let's get cleaned up."

* * *

Jordan and Vick stood in the bathroom a little while later.

"So, um, how do we shower as skunk people?" Vick asked.

"I guess we have to use shampoo all over our bodies," Jordan said.

Jordan looked at the shower stall where he noticed several shampoo bottles. All had scents that seemed appealing to Jordan. In all honesty, he liked those shampoos even before he changed. However, he'd always felt worried that they were something men shouldn't buy or enjoy.

"Wait, you wana shower together?" Vick asked.

Jordan shrugged his shoulders. "I know it seems wrong and if we were naturally like this, no way. I guess if we were still human, there'd still be no way. We're doing this just this one time so we can get to know this together."

"Don't worry, I won't describe you to my friends," Vick said.

Jordan rolled his eyes.

"Hey bro, can I ask you something?" Vick asked.

"What is it?"

"What's it feel like? You, know, being a girl."

"I just became a girl a few hours ago," Jordan said. "I don't think I have enough experience to tell you."

"Don't you miss your manhood," Vick asked.

Jordan turned his head before he blushed. He wasn't about to explain why the loss didn't seem so bad now.  He knew however that Vick expecting an answer.

"Maybe a little but you're forgetting a couple of new friends I have," Jordan said.

Vick laughed.

"Yeah you're right, but I'm happy staying a boy," Vick said.

Jordan grinned. "Come on, get in. Let's see what these shampoos can do for us."

With that, Jordan turned on the water to a cooler temperature. Vick got in first with Jordan ahead of him. Jordan reached for a bottle that had blueberry scent. He opened the bottle and inhaled the scent. It smelled wonderful and Jordan knew that this was going to be his scent.

"How does blueberry sound?" Jordan asked.

"It'd okay but that mango one sounds neat. Although I'd rather be natural," Vick said.

"Mango it is," Jordan said.

Jordan grabbed the handle – one that could detach in order to reach more parts of the body – and used it to wet Vick's fur. It took some time, but Vick was soon soaked. Jordan put the handle back in its place. The level of shampoo Jordan needed to lather Vick was a lot more then Jacob was used to when it came to washing one's hair.

"Man, I can't believe I feel this way now. But it's funny, it's as if I forgot how fun being dirty it can be. Being clean is nice and all, but being dirty is better," Vick said.

"Yes I know but we can't always be dirty," Jordan said. "Besides you smell nice now."

"Well yeah but I'm still a boy," Vick said. "I can't smell nice all of the time. So, what scent shampoo do you want to use?"

Jordan smiled. "Okay, I want to use the blueberry one."

He didn't want to tell Vick that it being okay for him to use such a scent because he was now female excited him a little. In fact, the idea of continuing with his body as it was while still being able to be he excited him.

"Isn't that a bit girly?" Vick asked.

"Truth is Vick; I always liked this sort of stuff to an extent. I just never said anything because I was worried it meant there was something wrong with me."

"Na, you're just different, that's all," Vick said. "It's okay to be different."

Jordan patted Vick on the shoulder.

"That's surprisingly mature of you," Jordan said.

"Hey, I may look like a kid, but I'm technically a grownup," Vick said.

Jordan smiled.

"Well, at least now I have an excuse to use the blueberry scent," Jordan said.

They both shared a laugh.

* * *

When Jordan and Vick finished showering, they both discovered that having fur all over one's body meant that drying oneself off took a lot longer then Jordan and Vick expected.

If anything however, it did allow Jordan to realize the extra time girls took in the shower and in getting ready to go out.

It was late and both were tired and had retired to their rooms for the night.

Jordan looked at his reflection in his mirror as he contemplated the day's events. The prospect of sleeping in a new room in a new house in which both Jordan and Vick were going to be staying was strange enough. Jordan knew that it was going to take time before that odd feeling faded and they grew comfortable thinking of this house as theirs.

That this change of address now also included a change in species and gender made for an odd situation indeed.

Jordan looked in the mirror. Being a female skunk was comfortable, perhaps in a way that disturbed him. Jordan worried that finding the idea of being female and part animal pleasurable was a betrayal of his human form and especially, his manhood.

He knew this new form would take just as long if not longer to get used to then the idea of their new house.

"That skunk does some fine work," Jordan said. "Sure, turning me into a girl was weird but there must have been a good reason for him to do this."

Jordan ran a hand down his body and around the part that made him officially female, even if only in body. Having said part didn't seem that all bothersome. The idea that Jordan was now capable of having children in all honesty fascinated him. The sudden lack of the presence of the part that made Jordan male frightened Jordan. However, he knew that change was a part of life and such a change was necessary if he was to become female.

Another gaze into the mirror had Jordan realizing that he didn't seem to have the concern that he'd become a different person. This was not a stranger at which Jordan looked; it was he. Jordan realized that the skunk was right. On some level, on the inside, this form indeed fit Jordan,

He knew that others would definitely not feel the same. Some – both men and women undergoing such a change – would see the change in gender as devastating. Others would feel the same about becoming part skunk.

Either way, it meant that for others, they'd be becoming at least in part, something they weren't.

In Jordan's case however, such a change wouldn't rob Jordan of his sense of self.

There was some worry over the skunk part but that didn't bother Jordan too much. For the most part, it seemed to entail gaining fur and a tail as well as other animal features but nothing too severe.

Other then the odd cravings he felt for grubs and other insects.

He knew that being female involved more then a change in equipment and having males as potential partners. Even knowing that wasn't too alarming to Jordan. He worried this meant that he was never a true male. Jordan however understood that the initial awkwardness such a revelation could create could also be something that would set him free.

Vick walked into the room and yawned.

"Is it bed time already?" Vick asked.

"Looks like it is bro," Jordan said.

"This isn't gonna change everything is it?" Vick asked.

Jordan sensed the questions Vick wasn't asking but wanted someone to answer. He patted the bed to indicate for Vick to sit. Vick did so and Jordan sat beside him.

"Change is part of life. It can be scary at times. If you're worried that this change is going to change our relationship, don't. I may be a girl now and you a kid but we're still sibs," Jordan said. "Don't worry, I still like video games. If you ever need a second player for spec. ops or someone to help frag some demons, I'll be there."

"Well, I also feel a bit more like I remember being back when I was really this age," Vick asked.

"I guess that makes sense," Jordan said. "I say, have fun with it."

"Are you gonna have fun with being younger again too?" Vick asked.

"You betcha," Jordan said. "Hey, look at it this way; at least it gives us time to get used to this change."

"What if you wana have a guy over?" Vick asked.

Jordan grinned and folded his arms. "Who says I'll be dating guys?"

Vick held open his mouth.

"I'm just teasing ya bro," Jordan said. "If I have a guy over, then I have a guy over. But even if he is cute, you're still my bro."

"Okay," Vick said.

"Now, come on, let's get to bed," Jordan said. "It's been a long day and we still have to explain this to Mom and Dad."

"I don't have a bed time now, do I?" Vick asked.

"Only if you want one," Jordan said.

Vick folded his arms and shook his head.

"Well then bro, I guess you don't," Jordan said. "But I have to start putting on some clothes. Can't be giving everyone a show especially now that it seems I'm underage again."

"You're underage? Look at me, I'm a kid," Vick said.

Jordan grinned. "Point taken, But I still need to cover up in front of strangers."

"Yeah, I guess so. Anyway, I'm gonna go read some comics," Vick said.

"Have fun," Jordan said.

Vick jumped off the bed.

"Does this whole new house thing feel weird for you too?" Vick asked.

Jordan nodded. "Sort of like, almost wishing we could go back home to our real rooms? Or maybe that there's no way this is going to work out?"

"Yeah, like that," Vick said.

"Believe me, it's as weird as getting a new body. Don't worry though; it's normal for us to feel this way. We'll find a way to get though both and in the end, I think we'll both be better for it."

Vick nodded before running back to his room.

Jordan shrugged his shoulders before pulling the covers of the bed down and officially getting into bed.
A story I did for ~Seiniyta in exchange for that Mew tf pic he commissioned for me.

A young man buys a new house that seems like a bargain. What he doesn't realize is that the house comes with something unexpected.

(Okay, perhaps not the best description. Basically, the unexpected thing tfs him and his brother)

Arg, these limits on the title length are really annoying!
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