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December 15, 2011
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And Pinoke and Lampy lived happily ever after by RustyRaccoon And Pinoke and Lampy lived happily ever after by RustyRaccoon
A commission from :iconchica-the-little-cat:

Think of this pic as a nice happy ending for Lampy, perhaps even as a bookend for my tale "A Donkey in Human clothing".

Lampy has grown used to being a donkey and has grown into a strong and full sized donkey. He's found that his desires and feelings as a donkey were not so different from how they were when he was human. While the ways he has fun changed, the same basic feelings and desires remained.

While working had taught him a thing or two, he was still at his happiest when he could relax and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Besides, working (within reason of course) felt good as a donkey. He grew strong and learned to enjoy using his strength for some good. Simply put, it felt good and if there was one thing Lampy as good it, it was doing things that felt good.

Here, we see Lampy enjoying a simple but fun moment as a donkey. Jiminy, having realized that if even Lampy can do some work and learn to be moral when it comes to his pleasure has also come to realize that even Jiminy needs to lay back and relax once in a while :).
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Akira500 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This is a very cool take on the movie and Lampwick's story =) I think I woulda been more satisfied with the movie if it had wrapped up the Pleasure Island story with an ending closer to this, but that's me.
RustyRaccoon Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012
Thanks, that's I was aiming for when I commissioned the pic.

I like the idea of Lampy redeeming himself and learning to be a good donkey. Sure, it might be a simple form with limited possibilities but he was a pretty simple boy that wanted a simple life.

Besides, he accepted Pinoke as a friend, despite Pinoke being different. Sure, what he wanted for Pinoke was not right but I think Lampy just wanted Pinoke to happy.

Sure, it's kinda sad that he won't be a boy again and that there are some thing they won't be able to do. But he can be a damn fine donkey friend for Pinoke, maybe the best dang donkey friend one could ever have.
Akira500 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
It's a far more satisfying outcome, that's for sure :nod: Always frustrated me that we never saw their fates onscreen beyond the island in any way.

I like your logic here, the whole idea of a redemption theme, that was very well done, really expands the depth of the story =)
ReclusiveWriter Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011
I like this pic, although the art style for Lampy isn't quite Disney style. Not sure why Pinoke had the ears and tail.
RustyRaccoon Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011
Because I think he looks cute with the donkey ears and tail. He could also have chosen to keep them as a sympathetic gesture for Lampy. That or if Lampy could be human again but chose not to, Pinoke still could have kept them because his pal is a donkey and being part donkey seems kinda neat. Seems nicer then the movie where he didn't seem to care about poor Lampy at all :\.
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